Detail Design of Pangui Hydroelectric Power Plant



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Detail Design of Pangui Hydroelectric Power Plant

The Detail Design of Panqui Hydroelectric Power Plant in the Panqui river, comprises a a small dam / water intake (height 4,5 m length 21 m), 2 penstocks (length 5 860 m diameter 0,9 and 1,5 m), a surge tank and two turbo-alternator groups (one Francis turbine and a Pelton turbine). The main features are: net head of 172 m, design flow of 4,2 m³/s + 2,1 m³ s and a installed hydroelectric power of 10 MW.

The Project consisted of two phases:
- I – Preliminary Design;
- II - Detail Design.

The studies included:

- Feasibility studies, including the local selection;

- Hydrological studies: rainfall, soil erosion, flow design and evaluation of energy;

- Geological and geotechnical studies;

- Hydraulic modeling of flow and sediment, including the failure impact assessment of water dams;

- Design of structures of the dam and other organs;

- Hydraulic Project water intake tunnels, penstocks, spillway and turbines;

- Analysis design and transient protection devices;

- Design of electrical equipment;

- Guidelines of safety and operation and Economic analysis.