Designing and Creating a Better World

We are partners for the sustainable development of our societies, Designing more Sustainable, Responsible and Lasting Buildings and Infrastructure.


The Architecture, Engineering and Construction Industry (AEC) is essential in shifting our current development paradigm. Since our foundation in 1998, we have embraced our responsibility as designers and consultants seeking to provide our clients with the best and most innovative solutions to create remarkable Buildings and Infrastructure.

The increase in global population, the challenges arising from climate change, and the threat of future pandemics reinforce the need to build a more sustainable world. At QUADRANTE, we take these issues very seriously and believe we play an essential role in helping our Clients make better choices and in designing responsible, resilient, and increasingly sustainable Buildings and Infrastructures.

The future poses new challenges, and we want to continue acting as true partners of change, honouring the commitment to support our clients in creating an environmentally responsible, socially just, and inclusive, and economically sustainable world. A commitment that drives our people to make a positive impact in the world, striving for a cleaner and more sustainable future.

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Our Approach

Committed to Sustainability

Committed to Sustainability

By acknowledging the importance of the infrastructures and buildings we design for our clients, our societies, and our environment, we have defined sustainable development as one of our principles and sustainability as one of the main focuses of our work.

Therefore, we have adopted sustainable business practices that create environmental, social, and economic value for our customers and other stakeholders now and in the future.

Focused on sustainably delivering value to our clients and society in general, we have put forward our Commitment to Sustainability, intending to support the transition towards increasingly sustainable societies.

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Our Services

Creating Value in a Changing Climate

Creating Value in a Changing Climate

ECOPROGRESSO is an essential driving force behind the sustainable transformation of the QUADRANTE Group. Being the first Portuguese company to focus its business on carbon management and climate change, it has become a key figure in defining sustainable development strategies, with vast previous experience supported by a portfolio of renowned clients.

Through ECOPROGRESSO, we offer services related to Carbon Management, Sustainability, Climate Support Projects, Public Policies and Green Investments. We also support companies in offsetting the emissions generated by their activities through the acquisition of carbon reduction credits outside of their value chain and through the issuing of Be Carbonfree® certificates.

With ECOPROGRESSO, QUADRANTE shares a mission: Creating Value in a Changing Climate, contributing to a Pure Future!

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Our projects

We strive to improve the sustainability performance of our projects.

We strive to improve the sustainability performance of our projects.

The infrastructure and buildings we design aim to improve human life while ensuring respect for the environment. At QUADRANTE, we adopt the best environmental, social, and economic practices, designing infrastructures and buildings that promote the rational and efficient use of natural resources, aiming towards a transition to more sustainable societies.

We seek to continuously improve the performance of our projects, focusing on the United Nations SDGs that are most related to our activity. By ensuring that our Engineers and Architects follow a holistic and integrated approach to the underlying themes and issues of Sustainability, we provide the best possible results for our clients and stakeholders.

Our Operations

Developing sustainable business practices

Developing sustainable business practices

We strive daily to reduce our negative environmental impacts and leverage the benefits that derive from our activities as part of our Commitment to Sustainability.

We develop and implement environmental, social, technological, and economic strategies that enable us to improve our operational performance and increase our efforts towards sustainability. With this in mind, we act according to four operational axes:

- Environmental Footprint;

- Human and Social Perspective;

- Value Creation and Distribution;

- Corporate Management.

Our Performance

Working Towards a More Sustainable Future

Working Towards a More Sustainable Future

At QUADRANTE, we want Sustainability to be transformative not only for our clients, but also for our people. Therefore, we measure and report on our progress in our projects and operations towards a more Sustainable Future.

We are committed to sharing our annual Sustainability Report as an opportunity to show the steps taken to strengthen our performance as leading designers and consultants in Architecture and Engineering, Environment and Sustainability.

Our contribution to Sustainability covers the various business units in which we operate, from Transport Infrastructure, Energy and Industry, Buildings and Urban Development, Waste and Water Utilities, Environment and Construction Management and Supervision.

Download our 2021 Sustainability Report Here