Who we are

Who we are

At QUADRANTE we provide engineering and architecture consulting services to international clients, always with a strong commitment to high performance, reliability, flexibility and rigorous risk management criteria. Our value proposition is focused on the provision of high-value services in each of our fields of expertise, allowing us to develop multidisciplinary projects located anywhere in the world, where flexibility, adaptability to specific conditions and speed of delivery are essential conditions for success.

With a team of 180 employees and offices in three continents (Europe, Africa, and Latin America) we have developed a wide range of Project and Consulting Services in the following areas:

Our mission is focused on the continuous pursue for sustainable, economically optimized and technically advanced solutions – DESIGNING . DELIVERING . ADDING VALUE
A company of Engineering and Architecture Consultants focused on designing the best Solutions

A company of Engineering and Architecture Consultants focused on designing the best Solutions

We are aware about the importance of our Infrastructures and Buildings Designs, both for the Client and for the Society. We understand their impact at the social and environment levels, which we find of utmost importance to preserve. The essence of our activity is the focus on the technical solutions and therefore we perform using multidisciplinary teams, based on the experience and innovation capacity of our consultants.

A company made of People

A company made of People

Thoroughness, high technical skills, ethical correction and focus on the client are the major characteristics of our consultants. The personal relationships formed between our employees within the company, and also outside the offices, allow to establish strong ties that enrich their professional competences, therefore building a true community, focused on their positive impact in Society as a whole.

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Our Principles

Our Principles

Value Proposition

Our value Proposition

Our value proposition is based on the provision of Engineering and Architecture Consulting Services for highly complex, multidisciplinary infrastructure located anywhere in the world.

We are committed to flexibility and adaptability to specific conditions, always assuring the ability to execute and meet deadlines. QUADRANTE is a company that sells trust.

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The mission of the company reflects the purpose of its existence.

QUADRANTE's mission involves creating value through Engineering and Architecture Consulting Services

The ability to create value has several aspects - the creation of value for clients by providing services with prices below the perceived value; The creation of value for employees through the possibility of career development, allowing them to gain high levels of experience; and The creation of value for the company through its own operating efficiency, able to give rise to results that allow supporting Customer Services excellence.


QUADRANTE seeks to serve its clients exceptionally, creating value through professional and diligent actions according to the strictest ethical principles. It aims to reinforce its capacity to attract and retain exceptional employees, providing unique opportunities for development and responsibility.


In order to do so, QUADRANTE evolves as a global provider of Engineering and Architecture services aiming to become a benchmark company in the sector.



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