North Coast Concession - A28 - repairs and improvements



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North Coast Concession - A28 - repairs and improvements

The Repair and Improvement of the Sendim - Estela Section (length: 30 km) of the A28, of the North Coast Concession, corresponds to an investment of EUR 8.9 million, and consists of the following main interventions:

  • Pavements: improvement of the functional and structural characteristics of the road surface by milling and applying asphaltic mixtures;
  • Expansion joints: placing mastic asphalt in hidden joints to be maintained, replacement of modified bitumen joints and, on some edges, removal of existing material and replacement with self-levelling epoxy resin (to improve the current section / overpass transition);
  • Drainage: on some sections, transverse grooving prior to laying the asphalt concrete drainage layer;
  • Road-marking / signalling equipment: placement / replacement of markers and directional signs and replacement of horizontal signalling on the stretches of pavement being worked on.

The work is preferably carried out at night and while the roads are in operation.  

QUADRANTE's Services consist of the Management, Supervision, Environment, Quality and Safety Coordination of the Contract Works.