QUADRANTE was the chosen Engineering and Architecture Consulting Group for Via do Tâmega Interventions

QUADRANTE is the Engineering and Architecture Consulting Group chosen by Infraestruturas de Portugal for the Detailled Design of a Via do Tâmega – Variante à EN210 section, between Lordelo and Corgo, at Celorico de Basto municipality. The project, with approximately 3,30 quilómetros lenght, will extends between Corgo intersection with EN2010, and Lordelo intersection with Mondim de Basto.

Via do Tâmega section will allow to reduce the distance between populations, increasing connectivity between Celorico de Basto and A7.

The project follows the environmental studies recommendations and Quadrante Group will develop Basic Design, Detailed Design and Technical Assistance, alongside with the studies and technical design needed to address the Environmental Impact Assessment (AIA).