Promoting real-time collaboration and data sharing to allow our teams to test different solutions in a virtual environment and help clients build faster, more efficiently and sustainably.


We design innovation based on strict integrated information management

We design innovation based on strict integrated information management

BIM is a virtual construction methodology that enables sharing information among all those involved in the various project phases, through a single federated model which is managed in real time. This methodology allows informed decisions to be made at a very early stage of the project, minimising execution times while making the most of the synergies created among teams working in an integrated and coordinated manner.

At Quadrante, we know the importance of creating a digital ecosystem together with BIM to allow us to create value for our clients. This approach is especially relevant in projects of high technical complexity and involving multidisciplinary teams. As part of this digital transformation, we've created a BIM Centre of Excellence, with a dedicated BIM manager and teams specialised in developing the various areas. We aim to help our clients better interpret the projects we develop, adjusting them to their needs, and with a 360º vision of how we coordinate our models and projects to create value.

BIM at QUADRANTE seeks to promote quality and reliability.

A digital ecosystem that promotes the Circular Economy, designed in an integrated way to create value for our clients.
Projects that contribute to creating a better world

Projects that contribute to creating a better world

Committed to continuous improvement, we want to promote innovation and digital transformation in our infrastructure and building projects. During the various phases of the project - from design, technical assistance, to supervision - we are creating a digital ecosystem that goes beyond BIM and includes cloud document management, the use of mobile applications to improve on-site technical assistance and project supervision during the execution phase, among other digital tools.

Under CT 197, we have also contributed towards implementing a national classification system for our projects' digital models, which will allow us to quantitatively assess their environmental impact. We are therefore committed to continuous improvement and we want to promote innovation and digital transformation in our infrastructure and building projects, actively contributing to the Circular Economy in the construction industry.

We're focused on our clients, as we seek to create value through four main axes:

Creating value for construction through BIM

Better coordination in a collaborative environment

The ability to consolidate design information from all specialities into a single central model allows information to be managed in a coordinated way. We work with teams from different areas, with accurate and complete real-time information. Thus, we reduce rework, usually arising from project revisions, following up on changes in a controlled manner.

We are also integrating other indicators into our BIM projects, which allow us to generate data-relevant and specialised information for each type of project. Our clients will have projects that are technically more advanced and adapted to their specific needs, centrally managed by our Project Coordinators.

Informed decisions from the earliest stages of the project

High technical demands and precision are important pillars of the way we work, seeking to continuously improve the quality of our projects. BIM allows greater control of the project, with virtual analyses that simulate reality, to facilitate decision-making from the earliest stages.

Integrating our tools allows a faster response time for our clients and observing buildings in the long term, throughout their life span. We are also integrating new technologies on site, such as augmented reality, to validate project solutions directly on site, sending the information to our teams in the back office, in real time.

Strict cost control

We know the importance of cost control, especially in highly complex works. We work in a collaborative environment, bringing together architects, engineers and other experts to outline the most optimised solutions for our clients while minimising errors in performing the work.

BIM makes it much easier to extract more accurate quantities and cost estimates at every stage of the project, as well as the information needed for technical specifications. We centrally manage all Project documents to ensure that accurate and thorough information is available to all designers.

Fast response time for demanding clients

In large, complex projects, it is important to ensure that information is carefully managed. At QUADRANTE, we promote swift communication among the various parties involved in order to share the work's planning in the most appropriate manner. This way, we ensure our customers receive optimised solutions based on a virtual model that will be very close to reality.

Increasing the concept of digitalisation in the AEC industry

Since 2015, we've been developing BIM projects in the Buildings, Industry, and Energy business units. More recently, we have also developed BIM methodologies for the Transport and Hydraulic Infrastructure business units, in accordance with international standards.

QUADRANTE is part of the Technical Committee CT-197 for standardising BIM in Portugal, contributing with work teams in preparing future national BIM Standards. We are also founding associates of Building Smart Portugal and our Global BIM Manager is part of that organisation's Strategic and Advisory Board.

In Brazil, we have recently become "Golden" associates of (BFB) - BIM Forum Brasil, a national, neutral, non-profit civil association that brings together the various agents of the construction production chain involved and interested in disseminating the Building Information Modelling (BIM) concept and practices.


We aim to be at the forefront in keeping up with work process digitisation trends in the AEC industry. Our path has been recognised by both our clients and other entities, such as Builtcollab. QUADRANTE was awarded an honourable mention in the "BIM Maturity" category, under the "BIM Excellence Award 2021".

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