Inter municipality Plan of Adaptation to Climate Change of Lezíria do Tejo












Inter municipality Plan of Adaptation to Climate Change of Lezíria do Tejo

Portugal has developed a national strategy for adaptation to climate change (ENAAC 2020) in response to the adaptation needs, face to the already evident climate change effects.

In this context, the region Leziria do Tejo decided to develop an adaptation plan to Climate Change (PIAAC-LT) that covers all the 11 municipalities (Almeirim, Alpiarça, Azambuja, Benavente, Cartaxo, Chamusca, Coruche, Golegã, Rio Maior, Salvaterra de Magos and Santarém).

The PIAAC-LT has 4 goals:

- The elaboration of Municipal Adaptation Strategies for Climate Change (EMAAC) which allow the identification of current and future vulnerabilities and indicate adaptation / mitigation options, taking into account the specific characteristics of each territory and its differentiated characteristics at geographical, social and economic level, such as the presence of the river Tagus and its tributaries, existence of forest, high orography, high agricultural production and the weight of logistics;

- The preparation of Municipal and Inter-municipal Action Plans, which will operationalize the options to be taken, presenting costs, scheduling, responsible entities, among others;

- The preparation of the Monitoring Plan for the implementation of the PIAAC-LT and the Disclosure Plan, which establishes forms of communication with the general public, always with the involvement of stakeholders;

- Training and qualification of the topics to be addressed on the issues of adaptation to climate change of municipal technicians, CIMLT technicians and partner entities involved in the preparation of the Plan.

This is 4 phased project:

- Phase 1: Identification of current vulnerabilities.

- Phase 2: Identification of future vulnerabilities;

- Phase 3: Identification and evaluation of adaptation and mitigation options;

- Phase 4: Action Plan, Monitoring Plan and Communication Plan