Environmental Due Diligence in 10 Brazilian airports











Vinci Airports

Environmental Due Diligence in 10 Brazilian airports

VINCI Airports, a key player in the airport sector, operates and develops an extended set of airports in many worldwide locations. In order to leverage its growing strategy in this sector, VINCI AIRPORTS was bidding in 10 Brazilian airports, which were divided in 2 Clusters, namely:

- Cluster 1 (Northeast): Recife, Maceió, João Pessoa, Aracaju, Juazeiro do Norte and Campina Grande;

- Cluster 2 (Midwest): Alta Floresta, Cuiabá, Rondonópolis and Sinop (excluding Barra do Garças Airport).

To support the bidding offer preparation in environmental terms, QUADRANTE supported VINCI with Technical Advisory Services for the Environmental Assessment in the Due Diligence of the 10 airports, in which also included the elaboration of a Minimum Technical Requirement (MTR) Report, with the goal to guide the Contractor when designing the main airport infrastructures proposed, with influence on possible environmental non-compliances or liabilities.

The work performed by QUADRANTE aimed to develop a Due Diligence for the identification and evaluation of the environmental risks due to the airport activities, including a set of mitigation and management measures, environmental regulation in order to ensure its compliance, and an estimative of the investment and operational costs of the airport.