Bridge in Algeria constructed with Portuguese engineering and design

Located on the Jijel Coastline in north-eastern Algeria, the bridge connecting Jijel to Bejaia is set to solve the daily problem of congestion in Wilaya, especially when the region sees a considerable amount of tourists during the summer.
This project will have a large socio-economic impact in the region and will function as a sort of highway zone. It is peculiar in that it has two distinct areas with different deck solutions. The first is about 260 m long and is composed of a casket-shaped deck, concrete castings laid in situ, and five spans, the first of which is 40 meters long; the next three, 60 meters each; and the last of which is more than 40 meters long. The second part of the viaduct has a single span of about 50m and is composed of a mixed steel/concrete deck with simple supports. The viaduct spans a total of 310 metres.
The group is currently active worldwide, namely in Algeria, Angola, Brazil, Chile, Ghana, Mozambique, Peru, Portugal, France, Romania, and the United Kingdom.

Source: Magazine Imobiliario